Why Choose Landi Industries? 


Landi Industries' goal is to do what is right for the customer. We focus on developing a well-defined market for the customer and distilling the items required to a minimally viable product (MVP).


We have spent years bring the Agile development processes from the software industry into the hardware industry allowing us to create hardware orientated products quicker, cheaper, and better for our customers.

Clarifying Ideas and Growing Business Models


Landi Industries' goal is for a customer to not only leave our process with a working prototype to take into production but a great understanding of the road ahead. We focus on identifying problems, solutions, key metrics, and competitive advantages that help to make products that stand out.


Validate Hypothesis By Continual Testing


Landi Industries does Test Driven Development (TDD) for every aspect of a project. That means we write down all the assumptions from all aspects of a project and continually look to get market validation on all those assumptions.


We understand that a bad assumption can kill a project when launching into a new market, which is why it is critical to constantly validate each part of a project.


Tight Feedback through Tight Development Cycles



Landi Industries develops in a sprint based system. At the start of every week, a clear set of goals gets laid out based on the overall project projections of work. Everyday work is tracked against these items and updates are given at a steady stream to allow quick pivoting of work as well as accurate targets.


At the end of every week, a "show and tell" occurs that allows the team to show what has been accomplished and obtain immediate feedback. During this process, testing is encouraged to allow a more thorough development lifecycle and knowledge transfer process.


Build A Simple and Beautiful Product


When Landi Industries builds projects we focus on developing simple, well thought out, beautiful ideas that customers say "it just works." This is the most basic block the business is based on.

If the customer's don't find the idea simple and beautiful they tend to find it hard and difficult.  That's why we develop solutions with an elegance that gleams with simplicity.