Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Analysis - Landi Industries has experience simulating a variety of different types of fluids (e.g. gases, liquids, and multiphase fluids) across many regimes (laminar, turbulent, inviscid, viscous, etc.) using industry-leading software tools on both in-house and external computing resources.

• FEA and CFD Meshing (i.e. 2D, 3D, axisymmetric, Implicit or explicit analyses)
• Analysis with linear and non-linear FEA (Metal, Plastics, Composites, Coupled Thermal Systems)
• CFD analysis internal and external flow
• Fluid structure interaction (FSI) simulations
• FEA material characterization (isotropic, anisotropic, hyperelastic, elastic, hypoelastic, composite models)

Finite Element Analysis - Cropped No Bac

Creating custom, one of a kind designs or reviewing current Designs for Manufaturing (DFM)
Rapid creation of cases (i.e. metal bending, plastic printing) and coating (i.e. paint, resin coating)
Full 3D computer modeling and 2D drawings (i.e. DXF) with rapid creationg process to prove concept (PoC)
Full integration of regualtory bodies and consideration of electrical requirments (i.e. UL, FCC)

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Mechanical Enclosure - Landi Industries has worked with boards in a variety of environments that (normally) need to be protect ed requiring case design, creation, modification and specific ratings (i.e. IP rating, NEMA).